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Brailsford, William (1774-1837)

Brailsford, William, Sheffield, Yorks., cm and u (1774–1837). Trading with Thomas Brailsford at High St in 1774; alone at Norfolk St in 1787; at 3 Market St in 1797; and at 3 George St in 1837. [D] Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793. Employed at Chatsworth, Derbs., by the 5th Duke of Devonshire, supplying furniture, carpets, and carved mouldings. On 12 April 1774 the accounts list two wainscott fourposter beds with hangings and bedding, Wilton and other carpets, chests of drawers, tables, backstools, mahogany swing-frame looking-glasses; servant's furniture and bedding; wall-paper, ‘verditer blue furniture paper & border for Chintz Bed Chamber’, and ‘32 pieces of Rich pea green furniture paper’, £14 8s, with border, £1 14s 8d. In January 1775 Brailsford fitted up the Dining Room with Turkey and Persia carpets, festoon window curtains, ‘4 open cut & moulded cornices covered wth superfine green morine’, £4; ‘36 Dining Room Chairs with Curved Backs, moulded feet and compass seats stuffed over the rails with curly hair in two liners well quilted down to secure to seats afterwards covered with hair seating tyed down and finished with a double row of best burnished nails’, £56 14s; a mahogany ‘Slab Frame’ ornamented with ‘a festoon of husks elegantly carved’; ‘4 Girandoles in white richly carved with double branches to each and best Silvered Glass Plates’, £13; and a ‘Mahogany Oval cistern hooped with brass and made to fit into the marble cistern’. Brailsford also provided carved window, door and architrave mouldings, including ‘73 feet of Rich Carved Waterleaf to go round Doors’ in the Duke's room. Further sumptuous pieces are described, such as ‘4 Bergère Arm'd Chairs with Compass seats and oval — Richly Carved and moulded Stuffed in the best manner with Curl'd hair and afterwards coverd with Green flowered Silk Mantua and finished with best Burnished nails complete’, £5 10s; and a pair of terms on triangular pedestals supported on lion paws and surmounted by volutes and wreaths, the sides ‘with other Ornament richly carved and inlaid the whole completed in a masterly mannr’, £91. On 7 February 1782 Brailsford was paid for taking a plan of the Drawing Room to be sent to London; and in 1783 supplied dressing tables, drawer and glass. [Chatsworth papers, Green Vellum Copy Book] Lord Rockingham of Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorks. ordered a carpet from Brailsford, sent on 6 September 1781. With J. Brailsford, William supplied brass frames for the Great Ballroom at Buxton Assembly Rooms, Derbs., on 11 January 1784. [Chatsworth papers, Buxton Crescent and Stables building account bk; Burlington, June 1980, p. 413]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.