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Bill, Hubert & Co. (1869-1905)

Bill, Hubert & Co.

London; bamboo furniture manufacturer (fl.c.1869-1905)

Listed variously at 14 & 15 Little Camden Street; 24 Margaret Street; 101a Dean Street; 330a Holloway Road; 178a Oxford Street; 43 Warren Street; 42 Whetstone Park, Holborn; 12 Duck Lane, Soho & 131 Wardour Street. Hubert Bill & Co. was apparently the first registered company to produce bamboo furniture in Great Britain and was still in business in 1905. Their furniture covered a wide range; for example in the Cabinet Maker and Complete House Furnisher, 1905, they particularly recommended bamboo for tea rooms and smoking rooms, and used their ‘power of overcoming difficulties’ to fit up the bandstand at Crystal Palace, in the middle of the ornamental lake. They also produced ‘folding card tables and progressive whist tables, many with lac tops’ and a variety of chairs and settees ‘many upholstered in jijim kelims, with Eastern colours’.  The firm considered their objects ‘suitable for warm climates, and being light and easily packed, [and] can be commended to Colonial as well as home buyers’. A folding card table and corner chair with rush seat is illus. Walkling (1979), p. 60.

Source: Walkling, Antique Bamboo Furniture (1979)