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Biggar, John (1802-1809)

Biggar, John

Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker, builder and house carpenter (fl.1802-9)

On 6 March 1802 the Edinburgh Evening Courant published a notice that John Biggar had opened an additional wareroom at his Elegant Cabinet Warehouse opposite the new university building on the South Bridge. Recorded in directories opposite College House, Infirmary Street,1804–05; Horse Wynd, with house in Infirmary Street 1806–07; Horse Wynd, house in Argyll Square 1807–09. Accepted as apprentice James Campbell 27 March 1800. A secretaire bookcase with label is in the National Museum of Scotland (illus. Bamford (1983), pls 36B, 37).

Sources: Bamford, ‘Dictionary of Edinburgh Wrights and Furniture Makers, 1660-1840’, Furniture History (1983); Pryke, ‘The Eighteenth-Century Furniture Trade in Edinburgh’, PhD thesis, St Andrews (1995).