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Ayckbown (Ayckboum) John Dedereck (1783-1820)

Ayckbown (Ayckboum) John Dedereck

Dublin, Ireland; cut glass dealers and manufacturers (fl.1783-1820)

Recorded at 15 Grafton Street, 1783-1809; 16 Grafton Street, 1810. A signed glass girandole by this maker is in the Cecil Higgins Museum, Bedford (illus. Glinn & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 269). John Dedereck is thought to be the son of Herman and Dedereck Ayckboum, German immigrants who established a glass business in London in 1772. John Dedereck was sent to Dublin about 1783 to set up a branch there and opened a warehouse and cutting shop in Grafton Street. This was followed in 1799 by a ‘new Venice glass and chrystal manufactory’ which lasted until 1802. He apparently retained the Grafton Street premises until 1820. The relation between John Dedereck, John Fredrick, Herman and Dendric Ayckbown is unclear.

Source: Glinn & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), pp. 269 & 291