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Adair, William (1759-1776)

Adair, William

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker and house joiner (fl.1759-76)

Gained Freedom of the City of Dublin as a Joiner by Service, Michaelmas 1759. Adair was elected Master of the Joiners’ Guild in 1766-7 and 1767-8. In 1768 Adair was elected onto the Dublin Common Council for the Joiners' Guild. Recorded in Dame Street, near College Green, 1760-7; Fleet Street, 1768-74. William and James Adair seem to have been in financial trouble in 1776 because in the Belfast News Letter for 2-6 February, 1776, was published: ‘…the following is said to be an authentic list of the forgeries of the late unfortunate brothers. A bond for £5,000 signed by James and William Adair, on which was borrowed of a city banker paid. A bond of £3,700 signed William Adair, on which was borrowed £2,000, now owed to Dr Crane. A bond of £500 signed by William Adair, offered to Mr — [sic.], Upholder, but refused, he telling Robert Perreau, he believed that it was not the handwriting of Adair…’.

Source: Glinn & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 279.