Abbott, Anthony

Liverpool; upholder(b. 1773/74–d. 1831)
Recorded in 1796 at 14 Rainford's Gdn and subsequently at Davies St, Hackins Hey and Bolt St. In 1816 he had a warehouse at 3 Lower Spaling St. Advertised on 30 April 1813 that he had ‘arrived from London with a selection of the newest patterns in upholstery & cabinet goods’. These included paper hangings, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets and ‘Cabinet Goods in Rose, Zebra & other fancy woods’. Declared bankrupt in October 1819, and his stock was sold off by auction in the same month. Died in April 1831, aged 58. [D; Liverpool Mercury, 30 April 1813; 8 and 15 October 1819; 15 April 1831]