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The Institute of Historical Research digital department hosts and maintains the BIFMO website:  

  • Dr Philip Carter: Head of Digital and Senior Lecturer in History 
  • Kunika Kono: Digital Senior Developer and Technical Lead 
  • Jonathan Blaney: Digital Projects Manager and Editor of British History Online 

The Furniture History Society oversees and manages research initiatives, outreach, editorial policy, content development and funding:

  • Christopher Rowell: FHS Chairman
  • Dr Megan Wheeler: FHS Honourable Secretary
  • Martin Williams: FHS Honourable Treasurer
  • Keith Nicholls: FHS Finance Secretary
  • Adriana Turpin: BIFMO Outreach and Development Officer 
  • Ann Davies: BIFMO Outreach Programmes Coordinator 
  • Dr Laurie Lindey:  BIFMO Research Officer  
  • Clarissa Ward: Editorial and research assistant
  • Sharon Goodman: Editorial and research assistant
  • Michael Thompson-Glover: Editorial assistant