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Adams, Joseph (1663)
Adams, Joseph (1684)Ayrley, Warwickshire
Adams, Joseph (1686)Hammersmith, Middlesex
Adams, Joseph (1697)London
Adams, Joseph (1716)London
Adams, Nathaniel (1839)1 Nassau St, London upholder
Adams, R. (1812)169 Tottenham Ct Rd, London upholder
Adams, Randal (1664)Kingston, Surrey
Adams, Randall (1672)
Adams, Richard (1699)London
Adams, Richard (1707)
Adams, Richard A. (1838-40)126 Thomas St, Bristol cabinet maker and furniture warehouse owner
Adams, Richard James (1838)High St, Chelmsford, Essex upholder
Adams, Robert & Co. (1801-16)403 Oxford St and 2 Dean St, Soho, London chair and sofa manufacturers, japanners and gilders
Adams, Robert (1706)
Adams, Robert (1773-89)Foregate St, Chester cabinet maker and broker
Adams, Samuel (1653)Blurton, Staffordshire
Adams, Samuel (1662)
Adams, Samuel (1670)London
Adams, Samuel (1716)St. Giles Cripplegate without, London
Adams, Thomas (1714)Ware, Hertfordshire
Adams, Thomas (1722)
Adams, Thomas (1829-39)8 and 9 Gt Pulteney St, Golden Sq., London cabinet maker and upholder
Adams, Thomas Price (1801-07)122 Minories, London upholder
Adams, W.