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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Adam, James (1835-1845)16 Brownlow St, Long Acre, London Cabinet maker. Plate case maker
Adam, Luke (1676)Wayre, Hertfordshire
Adam, Quentin (1663)wright
Adams, Abraham (1686)Limehouse, Middlesex
Adams, Alexander (1839–40)10 Horse Wynd, Canongate cabinet-maker
Adams, Alfred (1845)11 St. George's Terrace, Borough Road, London french polisher
Adams, Anthony (1698)Little Harwood, Buckinghamshire
Adams, Benjamen (1705)
Adams, Benjamin (1693)London
Adams, Benjamin (1710-1718)London upholder
Adams, Charles (1702)Sarnesfield, Herefordshire
Adams, Charles (1712)
Adams, Charles (1825)School Lane, Shrewsbury, Salop cabinet maker
Adams, Charles H. (1845)7 Mansion House Place, Camberwell, London Cabinet maker
Adams, Charles James (1823-30)High St, Oxford cabinet maker and upholder
Adams, Charles V. (1886-1926)Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire & London Cabinet maker
Adams, Daniel (1824-30)Bury St, Stowmarket, Suffolk cabinet maker, turner and chairmaker
Adams, David (1724)Liverpool upholsterer's joiner
Adams, Edward (1691)Queen Cammell, Somerset
Adams, Francis (1837)Low Park St, Sheffield, Yorks. chairmaker and beer house owner
Adams, G. B. (1886)22 Queen Street, South Shields, Co. Durham Cabinet maker
Adams, George (1777-1828)London upholder, cabinet maker, auctioneer and undertaker
Adams, George (1817-32)London cabinet maker
Adams, George snr (1773)cabinet maker
Adams, Henry (1693)Hampton, Middlesex