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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Acton, William (1677)
Acton, William (1716)St. Margarets Westmisnter, Middlesex
Acton, William (1717)St. margarets Westminster, Middlesex
Acton, William (1722)St Andrews Holborn, Middlesex joiner
Acut, Charles Joseph (1839-1845)16 Bath St, City Rd, London Cabinet maker, Upholsterer
Adair, John & William (1769-77)Wardour St, Soho, London carvers and gilders
Adair, John (1749-69)London carver and gilder
Adair, William (1759-1776)Dublin, Ireland
Adair, William Robert (1777–1805)London carver and gilder
Adam, Alexandervirginals maker
Adam, Edward (1701)
Adam, George (1895-1902)Glanville Mews, Rathbone Place, London plate chest maker
Adam, James (1835-1845)16 Brownlow St, Long Acre, London Cabinet maker. Plate case maker
Adam, Luke (1676)Wayre, Hertfordshire
Adam, Quentin (1663)wright
Adam, Rouilly & Co. (1902)2 London Mews, London Street, London bronze chasers
Adams & Stilliard (1883)Southampton, Hampshire picture frame maker
Adams, Abraham (1686)Limehouse, Middlesex
Adams, Alexander (1839–40)10 Horse Wynd, Canongate cabinet-maker
Adams, Alfred (1845)11 St. George's Terrace, Borough Road, London french polisher
Adams, Alfred (1879)40 Milk Street, Bristol Cabinet maker
Adams, Anthony (1698)Little Harwood, Buckinghamshire
Adams, Benjamen (1705)
Adams, Benjamin (1693)London
Adams, Benjamin (1710-1718)London upholder