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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Abraham, William (1719)
Abraham, William (1719)
Abrahams & Davis (1837)55 St John's Sq., Clerkenwell, London cabinet maker
Abrahams, Abraham (1829-1845)London cabinet maker
Abrahams, Barnet (1904-1955)London Cabinet maker
Abrahams, Henry (1877)66 Hackney Road, London picture frame manufacturer
Abrahams, J. (1826)33 Red Cross St, Bow, London upholder
Abrahams, John (1845)21 Bevis Marks, London Cabinet maker
Abrahams, Lewis (1845)438 The Strand, London Cabinet maker
Abrahams, Nathaniel (1839)Guildford St, Chertsey, Surrey upholder
Abrahams, Nathaniel (1879)81 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, Lancashire cabinet maker
Abram(s), William & John (1825-40)Manchester cabinet maker and upholder
Abram, John (1685)London
Abram, John (1692)
Abram, John (1714)‘The Sun’, Long Acre, London gilder
Abram, William jnr (1816-41)High Wycombe, Bucks. chairmaker
Abram, William snr (1815-40)High Wycombe, Bucks. chairmaker
Abrams, John & Robert (1828-40)Oldham St, Manchester, with manufactories in Garden St and Major St cabinet maker and upholder
Abrathat, Thomas (1711)Berkenstead, Hertfordshire
Abrey, Henry (1823-40)High St, Chelmsford, Essex cabinet maker and upholder
Abrey, John (1676)Tedrinton, Somerset
Abrey, John (1683)
Absalom, William (1717)St. Clement Danes, Middlesex
Absell, James (1835-1845)1 Cambridge Pl., Hackney Rd, London chair stuffer, upholsterer
Abslow, James (1850)Wellington, Shropshire chairmaker