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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Young, William (1784-1790)Cant’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland
, England
North Bridge Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Young, William (1784-85)London, England cabinet maker
Young, William (1789-93)160 Ratcliffe Highway, London, England upholder, broker and cabinet maker
Young, William (1829-34)Roper St, Whitehaven, Cumb., England joiner and/or cabinet maker
Young, William (1838-39)Guildhall Passage, Hull, Yorks., England joiner and cabinet maker
Young, — (1747)Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside, London, England upholder
Young, — (1768)London, England upholder and silk mercer
Young, — (1805-07)81 Wells St, Oxford St, London, England upholder
Younge, Alexander (1709)Dullstroude, Middlesex
Younge, John (1646)Shoreditch, Middlesex
Younge, Joseph (1710)
Younge, Richard (1668)Tubney Wood, Berkshire
Younge, Stephen (1709)
Younge, Thomas (1663)Exeter, Devon
Younger, Edward (1829-35)14 Old St Rd, London, England cabinet maker
Younger, Henry (1876-1877)High Street, St Alban's, Hertfordshire, England cabinet maker
Younger, Joseph (1669)Carringham, Essex
Younger, Joseph (1686)
Younger, Robert (1691)
Younger, Sarah (1839-1845)14 Old St Rd, London
, England
3 Charlotte Street, Old Street Road, London, England
cabinet maker
Younger, Thomaswright
Younger, Thomas (1675)wright
Younger, Thomas (1773)St Clement Danes, Middlesex joiner
Younghusband, John (1798-1811)Church Lane, Workington, Cumb., England joiner and/or cabinet maker
Youngman, Joseph (1771-1775)Norwich, England apprentice cabinet maker