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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Yates, Edward (1732)St Pauls Covent Garden, Middlesex joiner
Yates, Edward (1828-29)London Rd, Manchester upholder and cabinet maker
Yates, George (1671)Walden, Northamptonshire
Yates, George (1680)
Yates, Haywood and Drabble (1862)London metal workers
Yates, Henry (1742)Reading, Berkshire joiner
Yates, Henry (1784)Liverpool cabinet maker
Yates, Henry (1818-30)Liverpool cabinet maker
Yates, Isaac (1768)Nantwich, Cheshire chairmaker
Yates, Jacob (1681)Somersby, Leicestershire
Yates, James & Whitworth, John (1779)Bordesley, parish of Aston, Warks. coffin furniture, picture and looking-glass frame makers
Yates, James (1828-34)Otley, Yorks. joiner, cabinet maker and builder
Yates, John (1654)Castlecomb, Wiltshire
Yates, John (1661)Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire
Yates, John (1668)
Yates, John (1682)Langarhan, Herefordshire
Yates, John (1733-48)York upholder
Yates, John (1798)Rotherham, Yorks. cabinet maker
Yates, Jonathan (1701)London
Yates, Jonathan (1710)
Yates, Lawrence (1663)Blackburn, Lancaster
Yates, Richard (1822)Horse Mkt St, Warrington, Lancs. cabinet maker
Yates, Richard (1826-39)London carver and gilder, cabinet maker and upholder
Yates, Robert (1825)55 Judd St, Brunswick Sq., London carver and gilder
Yates, Sarah (1828-35)Mount St, Birmingham upholder