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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Smith, John (1839)145 Whitecross St, London chair and sofa maker
Smith, John (1839)West St, Southampton, Hants. cabinet maker and chairmaker
Smith, John (1840)Humberstone Gate, Leicester cabinet maker
Smith, John (1848)Manchester, Lancs. chairmaker
Smith, John (1851)Little Missenden, Wendover, Bucks. chairmaker
Smith, John (1871)7 Belgrave Mews East, Belgrave Square, London Cabinet maker
Smith, John and successors (1698-1832)Cambridge joiners cabinet maker, upholder and undertakers
Smith, John Eyet (1871)2 Boston Street, Park Road, Regent’s Park, London Cabinet maker
Smith, John James (1782)St Luke , Middlesex joiner
Smith, John James junior (1871)77 Curtain Road, London cabinet carver
Smith, John M. & Samuel M. (1845)137 New Bond Street, London carver, gilder
Smith, John Martin (1832-38)George St, Maidstone, Kent upholder
Smith, John Robert (1827-39)London cabinet maker and upholder
Smith, John Robert (1845)1 Guildford Street East, Spitalfields, London fancy cabinet maker
Smith, John W. (1871)21 Shepperton Street West, London French polisher
Smith, Jonas (1736)Tooting, Surrey joiner
Smith, Jonathan (1703)Chaulton, Hampshire
Smith, Jonathan (1714)Rumsey, Hampshire
Smith, Jos (1827)7 Lloyd's Row, St John's St Rd, London cabinet maker and upholder
Smith, Jos (1829)8 Pitt St, Fitzroy, Sq., London cabinet maker
Smith, Joseph (1743)St James Westminster, Middlesex joiner
Smith, Joseph (1753)Watford, Hertfordshire joiner
Smith, Joseph (1753)London joiner
Smith, Joseph (1753)St Andrew Holborn, London joiner
Smith, Joseph & Co (1808-26)Bristol cabinet maker and upholder