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Young, Richard (1768)St Mary Magdalene, Oxford cabinet maker
Young, Richard (1802)Holywell, Oxford cabinet maker
Young, Richard (1802)St Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford bedmaker
Young, Robert (1748-89)Luckenbooths and Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Young, Robert (1827)Church Way, North Shields, Northumb. furniture broker and cabinet maker
Young, Robert (1839)6 Hamilton Terr., Birkenhead, Cheshire joiner and cabinet maker
Young, Roger (1688)
Young, Samuel (1714)London
Young, Stephen (1699)St. Katherine, Middlesex
Young, ThomasLondon joiner and carver
Young, Thomas (1670)
Young, Thomas (1793)Hetling Ct, Bath, Som. cabinet maker
Young, Thomas (1830)Liverpool chairmaker
Young, Trotter and Caddell
Young, Trotter and Hamilton
Young, Waddress unrecorded cabinet maker
Young, W (1819)10 Green St, Bath., Som. cabinet maker
Young, Will (1817)3 Caroline Pl., City Rd, London upholder and undertaker
Young, William (1691-92)address unrecorded carver
Young, William (1705)London
Young, William (1720)St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex
Young, William (1739)wright
Young, William (1745-58)York cabinet maker
Young, William (1750-53)Cowgate, Edinburgh, Scotland wright
Young, William (1769)Park St, London upholder