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Biggs, John (1720)
Biggs, John (1811)93 Tottenham Ct Rd, London auctioneer and cabinet maker
Biggs, John (1826-39)67–68 Milk St, Bristol carver and gilder
Biggs, John (1838)Holloway Pl., Holloway, London upholder etc.
Biggs, Joseph (1767-81)16 and 18 Castle St, Birmingham cabinet maker and joiner
Biggs, Peter (1719)Putney, Surrey
Biggs, Ralph (1708)
Biggs, Richard (1715)St. James Westminster, Middlesex
Biggs, Richard (1801-41)High Wycombe, Bucks. chairmaker
Biggs, Thomas (1663)Allhallows, London
Biggs, Thomas (1701)London
Biggs, Thomas (1709)
Biggs, Thomas (1820-29)57 Rathbone Pl., Oxford St, London cabinet maker, portable desk manufacturers
Biggs, Thomas (1821-41)West Wycombe, Bucks. chairmaker
Biggs, William (1720)London
Biggs, William (1784)Lyncombe and Widcombe, Som. carver
Biggs, William (1839)31 Conduit St, 30 Ward's Row, London furniture carver and gilder
Biggs, — (1761)Gt Portland St, Oxford Mkt, London cabinet maker and chairmaker
Bigmore, Job (1839)1 White St, London stained wood, japanned and Windsor chairmaker
Bignall, John (1718)Newington Butts, Surrey
Bignall, Thomas (1839)1 Robert Terr., Commercial Rd East, London cabinet maker and upholder
Bignell, Thomas (1713)London
Bignell, Thomas (1716)London
Bigrave, John (1707-18)address unrecorded upholder
Bijar, Robert and Mary (1742-1769)Dublin, Ireland Japanners and Wallpaper Sellers