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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Zan(n)etti & Agnew (1810-1840)Manchester carvers, gilders, barometer, thermometer, mathematical and philosophical instrument, looking-glass and picture frame makers, printsellers, publishers, dealers in artist'
Zandra, George (1811-19)Spear St, Manchester carver, gilder, picture frame and looking-glass maker
Zanetti (or Zannette), Vinc(i)ent (1804-33)Manchester carver, gilder, looking-glass and picture frame maker, printseller
Zanetti (or Zannette), Vittorie (or Vittorio) (1804-17)Manchester carver and gilder, looking-glass manufacturer, picture framer and printseller
Zanetti, Bolongaro & Agnew (1816-17)94 Market St, Manchester carvers and gilders, barometer and looking-glass makers
Zanetti, Joseph (1837-40)100 King St, Manchester barometer and looking-glass maker, carver and gilder
Zanfrini & Gugeri (1830)East St, Blandford, Dorset looking-glass makers
Zely, Frances (1669)Devizes, Wiltshire
Zenone, 1 (1825–27)5 Calton Street carver, gilder and looking-glass manufacturer
Zerbon & Co (1807)18 Mersey St, Liverpool carvers and gilders
Zerboni, Battistessa, Moteni & Guanziroli (1835-1839)London makers of looking glasses, barometers and thermometers
Zink, James (1871)34 Wardour Street, Soho, London carver, gilder
Zorn, Bahnson & Co. (1871)9 & 11 Garrick Street, London carver, gilder
Zouch, Henry (1704)London
Zouch, Henry (1711)
Zouch, William (1666)Stoke, Dorset
Zouch, William (1666)Stoke, Dorset
Zuardri, Joseph (1840)St John's Lane, Smithfield, London lookingglass frame maker
Zuccani, David Winter (1871)148 Curtain Road, London wholesale cabinet maker, upholsterer
Zuccani, Ernest (1871)40 & 41 Brick Lane, London looking glass maker
Zuraghi, Felix (1832-34)9 City Rd, London looking-glass, barometer and thermometer maker
Zureich, Joseph (1896)31 Mortimer Market, London bamboo furniture manufacturer
Zurn (1760-1765)address unrecorded marqueteur