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Yabbicom, William H (1818-19)Lower Castle St, Bristol cabinet maker and upholder
Yale (or Yate), Elisha (1789-93)57 Little Britain, London upholder
Yale, Elihu (1784-99)London cabinet maker, broker and upholder
Yallop, Jeremiah (1788-1812)St Martin at Oak, Norwich; then South Walsham chair-maker
Yallop, Jeremiah (1788-1818)Norwich and Ipswich, Suffolk cabinet maker and chairmaker
Yallop, Jeremiah (1794-1824)Yarmouth, Norwich & Ipswich [see P refs] cabinet-maker
Yallop, Jeremiah Gridley (1810-1842)Norwich [see P & D refs] chair-maker
Yallop, Jeremiah Grindley (1810-42)Norwich cabinet maker and chairmaker
Yallord, John (1825)111 Tottenham Ct Rd, London upholder
Yandell, Joseph (1799-1800)Cannon St, Bristol cabinet maker
Yarbrough, George (1681)Bartelsby, Lincolnshire
Yarde, Samuel (1664)Exeter, Devon upholder
Yardley, Charles (1688)London
Yardley, George (1646)Eley, Cambridgeshire
Yardley, George (1753)Noble St, London freeman merchant tailor, carver and gilder
Yardley, Henry (1679)Pancross, Middlesex
Yardley, Henry (1688)
Yardley, Nathaniel (1647)Aldgate, London
Yardley, Nathaniell (1654)
Yardley, Samuel (1833)St James's Sq., Wolverhampton, Staffs. cabinet maker and joiner
Yarnall, George (1851)Tewkesbury, Gloucs. chair maker
Yarnall, Richard (1820-39)Barton St, Tewkesbury, Glos. chairmaker
Yarnall, William (1830-39)Barton St, Tewkesbury, Glos. chairmaker and turner
Yarnold George (1701)
Yarnold Samuel (1707)Sollers Hope, Hef