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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
V P Folding Bedroom Suite & Furniture Co. Ltd (1895-1897)330c Old Street, London furniture makers
Vachette, Z (1835)14 Charles St, Manchester Sq. and 35 Marylebone Lane, London upholder and mattress maker
Vago, Joshua (1835-39)12 Oxford St, London looking-glass and picture frame maker
Vaile, J. P (1823)32 Warwick St and South St, Worthing, Sussex cabinet maker and upholder
Vaile, Richard (1663)Whetston, Leicestershire
Vaile, Richard (1670)
Vaisey, Ann (1830)Brittox, Devizes, Wilts. cabinet maker and upholder
Vaisey, Ann Sadlington (1830)Market Pl., Chippenham, Wilts. upholder
Vaisey, John (1822)Brittox, Devizes, Wilts. cabinet maker etc.
Vaisey, Richard (1822)Chippenham, Wilts. cabinet maker and upholder
Vaizey, John (1793)Devizes, Wilts. cabinet maker
Vale, William (1766)Litchfield, Stafford joiner
Vale, William (1794-1822)Fleet Street, London Tunbridge ware retailer
Valence, John (1682)
Valentine, James (1695)Leicester, Leicestershire
Valentine, John (1678)
Valentine, T (1839)Bevois St, St Mary's St, Southampton, Hants. carver
Valentino, Dan (1839)4 New Inn Yd, Shoreditch, London bedstead maker
Valiant (or Vallant), George (1744-48)Pulham (St Mary), Norfolk chairmaker
Valiant, George (1744-1748)Pulham chair-maker
Valiant, Jeremiah (1780-1789)30 Wymer Street, Norwich cabinet-maker oval frame turner
Valinder, John snr (1796-1835)Guildford, Surrey cabinet maker
Vallance, John & Evans, Samuel (1823–26)address unrecorded joiners and chairmakers
Vallance, Woodruff and Redfern (1851)Bakewell, Derbyshire marble workers
Vallange, Andrew (1712)wright