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T(h)oms, Richard (1791-96)Exeter, Devon chairmaker
T(h)waites, Edward (1818-30)Canterbury, Kent upholder and cabinet maker
T. T. (1766-67)address not stated gilt leather maker
Tabary (1699)Dublin, Ireland gilder and carver
Tabb, Charles (1830)St Andrew, Norwich cabinet-maker
Tabb, Charles (1830)parish of St Andrew, Norwich cabinet maker
Tabbey, Daniel (1706)Whitechurch, Bedfordshire
Taber, John (1671)Cantebury, Kent
Tabor John (1719)
Tabor Robert (1747)Braintree, Ess
Tabor, John (1709)address unrecorded upholder
Tabor, John (1725)near ‘White Horse Inn’, Fleet St, London upholder
Tabor, Robert (1747-54)address unrecorded upholder
Tabor, — (1826-27)28 King St, Golden Sq., London carver
Tabraham, John (1719)London
Tabraham, William (1685)Edmonton, Middlesex
Tabraham, William (1692)
Tacchi, Anthony (1830-39)Bedford carver, gilder and paper hanger
Tackett, Thomas (1670)Marfield, Leicestershire
Tackett, Thomas (1680)
Tad, John (1669)Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire
Tadd, Henry (1670)Ashen, Wiltshire
Tadd, John (1676)
Tadman, Henry (1826-42)Hull, Yorks. cabinet maker and upholder
Tagg Henry Cowell (1749/50)