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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Quait, Charles (1730)Maldon, Bedford joiner
Quant, Douglas (1696)Covent Garden, Middlesex
Quantin, Louis (1882)29 Tottenham Street, London, England buhl cutter, marquetry inlayer
Quantrell, G. (1845)6 St. Ann's Court, Soho, London Cabinet maker
Quare, Daniel (1784-1827)78 Houndsditch, London carver and gilder
Quarrell, George (1737)St Botolph without Bishopgate, London joiner
Quarrell, Jacob (1678)Shrowsbury, Shropshire
Quarrell, William (1741)St Botolph without Bishopgate, Middlesex joiner
Quarrell, William (1744)St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London joiner
Quartermaine, Abraham (1829-31)Banbury, Oxon. upholder
Quartermaine, James (1835-1845)George St, Portman Sq., London upholsterer
Quartermaine, Joseph (1830)New St, Chipping Norton, Oxon. cabinet maker and upholder
Quartermaine, Joseph Abraham (1829)Chipping Norton, Oxon. cabinet maker
Quarterman, James (1801-41)High Wycombe, Bucks chairmaker
Quarterman, John (1752)St Mary Newington, Surrey joiner
Quarterman, Thomas (1759)James St, Grosvenor Sq., London cabinet maker
Quay, James (1800-34)Liverpool cabinet maker
Quay, John (1830)Liverpool carver and gilder
Quayle, J. & J. (1879)Hyde, Manchester, Lancashire, England cabinet makers
Queen, William (1833)Lancaster, Lancs Cabinet maker, Upholsterer, apprentice
Queenan, J.High Street West, Sunderland, Durham, England picture frame maker
Quelch, John (1660-1684)Dublin, Ireland Upholder
Quelch, Thomas (1721)Peppard, Oxfordshire joiner
Quelch, William (1833)Reading, Berks. auctioneer and upholder
Quennell, Robert