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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Pace, James (1777)Angel Ct, Strand, London cabinet maker
Pace, Joseph (1680)London
Pace, Joseph (1689)
Pace, William (1758)Cirencester, Gloucester joiner
Pachon, George (1760)Liverpool cabinet maker
Pack, Richard (1768)St George Hanover Square, Middlesex joiner
Pack, Robert (1871)6 Castle Street, Long Acre, London Cabinet maker
Pack, William (1871)William Street, Curtain Road, London Cabinet maker
Packer, J (1851)Sittingbourne, Kent chair maker
Packer, J. O (1839)Southgate St, Gloucester cabinet maker and upholder
Packer, John (1830)Southgate St, Gloucester cabinet maker and upholder
Packer, Thomas (1729-30)address unknown chairmaker
Packman, Robert (1844)Saxmundham, Suffolk cabinet maker
Packman, William (1737)Lambeth, Surrey joiner
Padan, James (1706)London
Padan, James (1713)
Padbury, Jon (1723)address unknown chairmaker
Padbury, William (1762)Benson, Oxfordshire joiner
Padbury, William (1830-39)Gloucester St, Cirencester, Glos. cabinet maker and upholder
Paddon, Cornelius (1818-20)Stepcote Hill, Exeter, Devon cabinet maker
Paddon, George (1808)Gate St, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London cabinet maker
Paddon, Robert (1819-29)London looking-glass manufacturer
Paddon, Simon (1806-07)51 Charles St, Drury Lane, London cabinet maker
Paddy, Thomas (1830)64 Granby St, Devonport, Devon cabinet maker and upholder
Padget (Paget, Patchett), Richard (1761-1770)Lancaster, Lancs Cabinet maker, Apprentice