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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
O'Hara, T (1820)33 Suffolk St, Charing Cross, London upholder
O'Hara, Thomas (1825)20 Gravel Lane, Manchester chairmaker
O'Hara, Thomas (1837)95–96 Richmond Row, Liverpool tailor, draper and upholder
O'Neal, Francis (1804)Liverpool upholder
O'Neil & Smith (1793)White St, Southwark, London japanned chairmakers
O'Neill, Charles (1821)4 Eldon St, Liverpool cabinet maker
O'Neill, James & Alan Francis (1812-27)3 Cable St, Liverpool upholder feather merchants and paper hangers
O'Neill, Jane & Co (1827-39)Cable St, Liverpool upholder and feather merchant
O'Neill, John (1753-1787)Lancaster cabinet maker and carver
O'Neill, John (1816-39)Liverpool cabinet maker
O'Neill, Mary (1835)23 Chatham St, Liverpool upholder
o, John (1669)Chapel Branston, Northamptonshire
Oades, Henry (1750)Blackwater, Hampshire joiner
Oades, Thomas (1735)Isleworth, Middlesex joiner
Oagle, William (1654)
Oakden, Amos & Sons (1890-1940)86-90 Curtain Road, London cabinet ironmongers
Oake, Richard (1707)West Lavington, Wiltshire
Oake, Robert (1668)London
Oake, Robert (1713)Salisbury, Wiltshire
Oakely, John (1692)Walkin, Hertfordshire
Oaker Mary (1726/7)St George the Martyr, Mdx
Oaker, William (1778-85)3 Hart St, Covent Gdn, London carver
Oakes, Richard (1775-79)86 Snow Hill, Holborn Bridge, London case and cabinet maker
Oakes, Robert (1691)Ingleston, Essex
Oakes, Samuel (1726)St Giles Cripplegate, London joiner