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O'Hara, T (1820)33 Suffolk St, Charing Cross, London upholder
O'Hara, Thomas (1825)20 Gravel Lane, Manchester chairmaker
O'Hara, Thomas (1837)95–96 Richmond Row, Liverpool tailor, draper and upholder
O'Neal, Francis (1804)Liverpool upholder
O'Neil & Smith (1793)White St, Southwark, London japanned chairmakers
O'Neill, Charles (1821)4 Eldon St, Liverpool cabinet maker
O'Neill, James & Alan Francis (1812-27)3 Cable St, Liverpool upholder feather merchants and paper hangers
O'Neill, Jane & Co (1827-39)Cable St, Liverpool upholder and feather merchant
O'Neill, John (1753-87)Lancaster cabinet maker and carver
O'Neill, John (1816-39)Liverpool cabinet maker
O'Neill, Mary (1835)23 Chatham St, Liverpool upholder
o, John (1669)Chapel Branston, Northamptonshire
Oagle, William (1654)
Oake, Richard (1707)West Lavington, Wiltshire
Oake, Robert (1668)London
Oake, Robert (1713)Salisbury, Wiltshire
Oakely, John (1692)Walkin, Hertfordshire
Oaker Mary (1726/7)St George the Martyr, Mdx
Oaker, William (1778-85)3 Hart St, Covent Gdn, London carver
Oakes, Richard (1775-79)86 Snow Hill, Holborn Bridge, London case and cabinet maker
Oakes, Robert (1691)Ingleston, Essex
Oakes, Stephen (1691)South-hall, Middlesex
Oakes, Stephen (1698)
Oakey, Caleb (1825-42)Fishergate, Preston, Lancs. upholder and paper hanger
Oakey, Thomas (1699)