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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
N/a, James (1781)London joiner
Nabbs, William (1707)Bampton, Oxfordshire
Nadby, George (1794)18 Queen St, Seven Dials, London cabinet maker
Nadin, John (1717)London
Nadler, Robert (1713)Newberry, Berkshire
Naftel ( century)Channel Islands furniture maker
Nailor, Robert (1713)York upholder
Nailor, Thomas (1798)Wath, Yorks. joiner and cabinet maker
Nailor, William (1652)Gray's Inn Lane, Middlesex
Nairn, Thomas (1827-32)15 Rupert St, Liverpool carver and gilder
Nairne, Charles (1831-39)Ramsgate and Sandwich, Kent cabinet maker
Naisbett, John (1774)Holywell St, Westminster, London cabinet maker
Naish, Catherine (1759–1772)St Mary-le-Strand, London upholder, chair maker
Nancolas, William (1774)Langley St, Long Acre, London cabinet maker
Naniant, Francis (1763)‘The Golden Hand’, Little Newport St, Leicester Fields, London varnish maker, frame maker and gilder
Napier, Edmund (1690)Oxford, Oxfordshire
Napier, Edmund (1690)Oxford, Oxfordshire
Napier, George (1754)St Andrew Holborn, Middlesex joiner
Napier, James (1758)
Napper, Charles (1751-1771)Dublin, Ireland Cabinet maker, Joiner, Auctioneer
Napper, Robert (1756)Antigua, Antigua joiner
Napper, Robert (1871)51 Armagh Road South, Old Ford, London cabinet carver
Nappi, P (1830)7 Charles St, Middlx Hospital, London mosaic painter
Nappier, Henry (1679)Hartlerow, Hampshire
Nash (1787-1835)Newmarket Road, Norwich japanner