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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
M'Cann, William (1822-1825)no address 153 Chapel St 153 Chapel St; Liverpool Salford Manchester; Lancashire, England chair maker
M'Cullough (1885)Kennington Road, London, England carver
M'Dowell (1803)—, Tottenham St, Tottenham Ct Rd, London, England chairmaker
M'Dowell, R (1839)William's Mews, Hampstead Rd, London, England cabinet maker and upholder
M'Entire, James (1838-39)3 Chapel St, Hull, Yorks., England chair manufacturer
M'Ewen, John (1790)Queen St, Southwark, London, England looking-glass warehouseman
M'Fecter, Robert A. (1887)61a Bank St, Southport, Lancashire, Northwest region, England turner
M'Ilraith, John (1845)77 High Street, Marylebone, London, England upholsterer, cabinet maker, undertaker
M'Intire, John (1823-39)Hull, Yorks., England chair spindle maker, chairmaker and wood turner
M'Intosh, John (1803)address unrecorded, England cabinet maker
M'Kenzie, William (1826)32 Blackfriargate, Hull, Yorkshire, England upholsterer, broker
M'Kenzie, William (1830-1839)St Ives, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England chairmaker and cabinet maker
M'Lauchlan, Andrew (1845)8 Belvedere Crescent, London, England carver, gilder
M'Lauchlan, David J. (1845)3 Printing House Square, London, England carver, gilder
M'Lean, Charles (1839-1845)181 Fleet St, London, England looking-glass maker, picture frame maker
M'Lean, George (1803)address unrecorded, England cabinet maker
M'Leland and or McClelland (1823-39)Kensington, London, England cabinet maker and upholder
M'Lellan & Sons
M'Lellan, Elizabeth & Son (1819)Market Pl., Mansfield, Notts., England cabinet maker
M'Phearson, J (1827)44 Lime St, Liverpool, England architectural and furniture carver, plain and ornamental gilder
M'Shane, Manasses (1817-39)32 Foley Pl., Portman Sq., London, England upholder and undertaker
M'Taggart, John (1823)16 Clayton Sq. and 12 Ranelagh St, Liverpool, England upholder and paper manufacturer
M'Vay, Bernard (1828-29)North St, Keighley, Yorks., England cabinet maker and upholder
M'Williams, Alexander (1803)address unrecorded, England cabinet maker
Mabbatt, Richard (1646)Sradwell, Northamptonshire