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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
M'Dowell (1803)—, Tottenham St, Tottenham Ct Rd, London chairmaker
M'Dowell, R (1839)William's Mews, Hampstead Rd, London cabinet maker and upholder
M'Entire, James (1838-39)3 Chapel St, Hull, Yorks. chair manufacturer
M'Ewen, John (1790)Queen St, Southwark, London looking-glass warehouseman
M'Intire, John (1823-39)Hull, Yorks. chair spindle maker, chairmaker and wood turner
M'Intosh, John (1803)address unrecorded cabinet maker
M'Kenzie, William (1826)32 Blackfriargate, Hull, Yorks. upholder and broker
M'Kenzie, William (1830-39)St Ives, Hunts. chairmaker and cabinet maker
M'Lean, Charles (1839)181 Fleet St, London looking-glass and picture frame maker
M'Lean, George (1803)address unrecorded cabinet maker
M'Leland and or McClelland (1823-39)Kensington, London cabinet maker and upholder
M'Lellan & Sons
M'Lellan, Elizabeth & Son (1819)Market Pl., Mansfield, Notts. cabinet maker
M'Phearson, J (1827)44 Lime St, Liverpool architectural and furniture carver, plain and ornamental gilder
M'Shane, Manasses (1817-39)32 Foley Pl., Portman Sq., London upholder and undertaker
M'Taggart, John (1823)16 Clayton Sq. and 12 Ranelagh St, Liverpool upholder and paper manufacturer
M'Vay, Bernard (1828-29)North St, Keighley, Yorks. cabinet maker and upholder
M'Williams, Alexander (1803)address unrecorded cabinet maker
Mabbatt, Richard (1646)Sradwell, Northamptonshire
Mabbatt, Richard (1654)
Mabberley, William (1669)London
Mabberley, William (1682)
Mabbs, Thomas (1669)Fenwick, Cambridgeshire
Maberly, John (1752)St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex joiner
Mabrey, John (1827)Felicity Pl., Oldham St, Liverpool cabinet maker