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La Feuillade, George (1838)Farningham, Kent cabinet maker
Labbett, H (1829)address unknown frame maker
Labdon, William (1693)London
Labram, Richard (1667)Northampton, Northamptonshire
Labrum, Richard (1671)Corton, Northamptonshire
Laburn, Laben and Thomas (1818-29)The Morledge (or Morlidge), Derby chairmaker and turner
Laccohee, William M (1839)10 Bartholomew Sq., St Luke's, London picture and looking-glass frame maker and cabinet maker
Lace, Henry (1796-1824)8 Church St, Liverpool cabinet maker and upholder
Lacey, James (1809)10 Well Yd, Little Britain, London upholder
Lacey, John (1762)Cheap St, Frome, Som. cabinet maker and chairmaker
Lacey, John (1800-1833)Market Place, North Walsham cabinet-maker chair-maker upholsterer auctioneer appraiser
Lacey, John (1822-30)Market Pl., North Walsham, Norfolk cabinet maker and upholder
Lacey, Richard (1831-1850)Market Place, North Walsham upholsterer cabinet-maker chair-maker
Lacey, Richard Culley (1839)Market Pl., North Walsham, Norfolk upholder and cabinet maker
Lacey, T (1796)Market Pl., Shrewsbury, Salop cabinet maker
Lacey, William (1806-10)London cabinet maker
Lack, Anthony (1705)Overstone, Northamptonshire
Lack, James (1839)Dorking, Surrey cabinet maker
Lack, John (1699)
Lackenby, William (1822-32)Nottingham upholder
Lacy, Tenant (1786-98)Market St, Shrewsbury, Salop cabinet maker
Lad, Edward (1710)Haggerstone, Middlesex
Lad, Henry (1718)
Lad, Richard (1789-93)19 Burr St, East Smithfield, London upholder and auctioneer
Ladbrooke, John (1700)London