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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
La Feuillade, George (1838)Farningham, Kent cabinet maker
La Thrope, S. E. J. (1884-1885)16 Oxford Road, New North Road, Islington, London
295 New North Road, Islington, London
carver & gilder
Labbett, H (1829)address unknown frame maker
Labdon, William (1693)London
Labram, Richard (1667)Northampton, Northamptonshire
Labrum, Richard (1671)Corton, Northamptonshire
Laburn, Laben and Thomas (1818-29)The Morledge (or Morlidge), Derby chairmaker and turner
Laccohee, William M (1839)10 Bartholomew Sq., St Luke's, London picture and looking-glass frame maker and cabinet maker
Lace, Henry (1796-1824)8 Church St, Liverpool cabinet maker and upholder
Lacey, Benjamin (1876)Middlesborough, Yorkshire chair maker
Lacey, George Edwin (1871)6 Hamilton Terrace, Highbury Park, London upholsterer
Lacey, Henry James (1905)19 Archer Street, Camden Town, London bamboo furniture manufacturer
Lacey, James (1809)10 Well Yd, Little Britain, London upholder
Lacey, John (1762)Cheap St, Frome, Som. cabinet maker and chairmaker
Lacey, John (1800-1833)Market Place, North Walsham cabinet-maker chair-maker upholsterer auctioneer appraiser
Lacey, John (1822-30)Market Pl., North Walsham, Norfolk cabinet maker and upholder
Lacey, Richard (1831-1850)Market Place, North Walsham upholsterer cabinet-maker chair-maker
Lacey, Richard Culley (1839)Market Pl., North Walsham, Norfolk upholder and cabinet maker
Lacey, T (1796)Market Pl., Shrewsbury, Salop cabinet maker
Lacey, William (1806-10)London cabinet maker
Lachard, Henry Louis (1895-1902)9 Gresse Street, Rathbone Place, London french polisher
Lack, Anthony (1705)Overstone, Northamptonshire
Lack, James (1839)Dorking, Surrey cabinet maker
Lack, John (1699)
Lack, Mathias (1724)London joiner