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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Iaac, Richard (1668)Fulbeck, Lincolnshire
Ibbe(r)tson, James Mortimer (1828-30)29 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham carver and gilder
Ibberson, William Covey (1839-40)Petty Cury, Cambridge upholder and cabinet maker
Ibbetson, Christopher (1784-1802)122 Gt Portland St, London upholder, appraiser etc.
Ibbetson, Henry (1725)Porridge, Derbyshire joiner
Ibbetson, Samuel (1802)London? mercer
Ibbetson, Thomas Graves (1732)St Catherine Coleman, London joiner
Ibbitt William (1700)
Ibbot, Francis (1830)Somersham, Hunts. joiner, carpenter and cabinet maker
Ibbot, Thomas (1686)
Ibbotson Robert (1731)
Ibbotson, J. M (1823)Friar's Wynd, Richmond, Yorks. carver and gilder
Ibbotson, Thomas (1821)Hartshead, Sheffield, Yorks. cabinet case maker and flour dealer
Ibbott, Henry (1726)Islington, Middlesex joiner
Ibbott, John (1681)Ceale, Kent
Ibbott, Thomas (1678)Whetstone, Middlesex
Ibetson, Jno (1835)238 High Holborn, London carver and chair manufacturer
Ibetson, John (1839)19 Lamb's Conduit Passage, London carver and gilder
Ibitt, William (1700)London upholder
Iden, Henry (1687-88)London cabinet maker and looking-glass seller
Ideson, Francis (1811-41)Marsden Hall, Nelson, Lancs. cabinet maker and joiner
Idington, James (1754)
Iee, Richard (1709)Manchaster, Warwickshire
Iee, Richard (1717)
Iffield, John (1682)Tortworth, Gloucestershire