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Fabb, Charles (1817)Norwich cabinet maker
Fabb, Charles (1818-1830)St Andrew; then St John Maddermarket, Norwich cabinet-maker
Fabry, John George (1794)Duke St, Bloomsbury, London carver
Facey, Edward Cox (1839)9 Banner St, London cabinet maker and upholder
Facey, John (1794)15 Mount St, Berkeley Sq., London upholder etc.
Facey, — (1793)London upholder
Facon, William (1761)late of St Giles-in-the-Fields, London carver
Faden, James (1656)London
Faed, Robert (1708)Tinwall County Kithesdall, North Brittaine
Faed, Robert (1716)
Fagge, Bartholomew (1645)Stepney, Middlesex
Fagin, Robert (1776)25 Tooley St, Southwark, London upholder
Faherty, John (1815)Lichfield St, Birmingham builder and cabinet maker
Fahetty, John (1839)Berkley St, Birmingham cabinet case maker
Faiers, John (1835-39)42 Broad St, Golden Sq., London upholder and cabinet maker
Faint, Edward (1675)Wraydon, Essex
Faint, Edward (1683)
Fair, William (1793-1834)Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumb. cabinet maker
Fairbairn, — (1784-87)104 Titchfield St, Oxford Mkt, London joiner, cabinet maker and undertaker
Fairbanck, Richard (1663)London
Fairbank(s), John (1749)Orange St, London cabinet maker
Fairbank, John (1757)York carver and gilder
Fairbridge, Anthony (1820-30)55 South Audley St, London cabinet maker and upholder
Fairbrother, Charles (1826)Thomas St, Upper Stamford St, London picture and looking-glass frame maker
Fairchild, Charles (1809-32)Stamford, Lincs. cabinet maker