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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Ea(s)ton, John (1823-39)38–39 High St, Hastings, Sussex cabinet maker and upholder
Eaches (Eachus?) Peter (1822-34)Wheelock, Sandbach, Cheshire cabinet maker
Eade & Saunders (1784)10 Gt Castle St, London carvers and gilders
Eade, Henry (1779-80)London carver
Eade, John (1765)King's Lynn joiner
Eade, Jonathan (1769)London joiner
Eade, Thomas (1871)38 Bloomsbury Street, Bloomsbury, London japanner
Eades, Charles (1761)Dublin, Ireland Carver
Eades, James (1826)2 Eades Buildings, Bath, Som. cabinet maker
Eades, Joseph (1754)London joiner
Eades, Joseph (1726)Mile End, Middlesex joiner
Eades, Thomas (1714)St. Faiths under St. Paul's, London
Eades, Thomas (1722)Chaltham, Kent joiner
Eades, William (1674)Hampstead, Middlesex
Eadon & Son
Eadon, George (1821-37)Sheffield, Yorks. carver, gilder and lookingglass maker
Eadson, Joseph (1823-39)Worthing, Sussex cabinet maker and upholder
Eady, Charles (1808)20 Goswell St, London water gilder
Eaes, Richard (1721)Courshill, Warwickshire joiner
Eagle(s), Thomas (1785-1830)Bedford turner and chairmaker
Eagle, James (1829)2 Warwick Row, Blackfriars Rd, London looking-glass and picture frame maker
Eagle, John (1840)33 Oxford St, Manchester cabinet maker
Eagle, Lot (1801-05)62 Old Market St, Bristol turner and chairmaker
Eagle, William (1749)Perkins Rents, London chairmaker
Eagles, T. F (1813-25)18 King St, Covent Gdn, London manufacturer of paper tea trays to their Majesties and the Royal Family