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Dabine, Josiah (1798)Wells, Som. upholder
Dacie, Robert (1740)Exeter, Devon upholder
Dackin, Richard (1670)Trewherne, Montgomeryshire
Dacre, Benjamin (1830)Long St, Easingwold, Yorks joiner and/or cabinet maker
Dacre, Benjamin (1837)Wetherby, Yorks. joiner and/or cabinet maker
Dacre, William jnr (1830)Wharton Lane, Wetherby, Yorks. cabinet maker
Dadd, Isaac (1832-38)Chatham, Kent carver and gilder
Dadd, Robert (1838-40)15 Suffolk St, Pall Mall East, London, French gilder water gilder
Dadd, Thomas (1838)14 Clarence Pl., Hackney Rd, London cabinet maker
Dadley, Joseph (1714)Whitechapel, Middlesex
Dady, Benjamin (1809-1824)St Stephen, then St Gregory, Norwich turner
Dady, James (1795-1830)Norwich & Bury St Edmunds [see P refs] upholsterer
Dady, James (1795-1830)Norwich and Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk upholder
Daft, David (1826)Leicester cabinet maker
Daft, Joseph (1674)Mount Sorrell, Leicestershire
Dagger, John (1661)
Daggett, John (1831)33 King St, Worship St, Hull, Yorks. cabinet maker
Daggett, John (1834)13 Leading Post St, Scarborough, Yorks. cabinet maker
Daggitt, Robert (1826)Peck's Entry, 57 Mytongate, Hull, Yorks. cabinet maker
Daglish, Anthony (1827)Newgate St, Morpeth, Northumb. joiner and cabinet maker
Daglish, William (1782-1838)Gateshead and Newcastle joiner and upholder
Daglish, William (1792-98)Portsea, Portsmouth, Hants. cabinet maker and undertaker
Dagnall, Thomas (1761)Liverpool cabinet maker
Daguerre, Dominique (1789-96)Sloane St, Chelsea, London cabinet maker
Dainter, Anthony (1664)Cripplegate, Middlesex