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c, John (1669)Welch Poole, Montgomeryshire
c, Rowland (1669)Ridge Kimball, Buckinghamshire
Cable, —
Caborne, Thomas (1821)3 Grub St, London bedstead maker, broker, smith and butcher
Cacket, Thomas (1830)Northgate, Canterbury, Kent cabinet maker
Cadby, Joel (1761)parish of St Mary, Devizes, Wilts. cabinet maker
Cadd, Thomas (1699)
Caddel, James (1752-d.1769)Edinburgh, Scotland upholsterer, undertaker
Caddey, John (1704)London
Caddey, John (1711)
Caddey, John (1724-27)‘The Cabinet’, King St and Wood St, London cabinet and looking-glass maker
Caddick, Edward (1753-1755)Dublin, Ireland Joiner and Cabinet maker
Caddy, Robert (1699)Roughorne, Cumberland
Caddy, Robert (1706)
Cade, Robert (1790)Beverley, Yorks. cabinet maker
Cadman, John (1772-93)Manchester chairmaker, upholder and cabinet maker
Cadman, Randolph (1671)
Cadman, Rebecca (1797)26 Shudehill, Manchester chairmaker
Cadman, William (1693)Southampton, Hampshire
Cadman, William (1704)
Cadow, Matthew (1778)Stanley St, Liverpool joiner, cabinet maker and dealer in household goods
Cadwell, William (1729)London upholder
Cadwell, William (1802)Maidstone, Kent upholder
Caffyn, Henry (1839)13 Egremont Pl., Brighton, Sussex upholder
Caffyn, John Benjamin & Charles (1839-40)Brighton, Sussex carvers and gilders