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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Bamber & Knight (1866-1882)Preston, Lancashire, England wood turner
Aarlan, Joshua (1878)Witton St, Northwich, Cheshire, Northwest region, England chair maker & turner
Aaron, Randolph (1706)Market Ct, Bow St, London, England upholder
Abbat, William (1799)Lancaster, Lancs, England Cabinet maker
Abberistwth, John (1430)Carmarthen, Wales carpenter
Abbett, James (1871)25 Vauxhall Street, Lambeth, London, England chair maker, sofa maker
Abbett, Thomas (1706)
Abbey, Harry C. (1787-1810)North St, York, England joiner and cabinet maker
Abbey, Jonathan (1775)Queen St, Seven Dials, London, England cabinet maker
Abbey, T. (1828-1861)Knaresborough; Yorkshire, England turner
Abbey, Thomas (1808-1810)11 Orange St and 15 Crooks Row, St Pancras, London, England carver, gilder and joiner
Abbis Thomas (1723-1728)Peckham, Sry
Abbis, Thomas (1722-1778)Edmonton, London, England upholder
Abbot & Stidston (1786-1793)137 Long Acre, London, England upholsterers
Abbot(t), David (1839)Conduit St, Bedford, England cabinet maker and upholder
Abbot(t), James (1778-1797)Newgate St, Chester, England cabinet maker
Abbot(t), Philip (1780)St James, Westminster, London, England upholder
Abbot, Anthony & Sons (1834-1835)32 Nelson St, Liverpool, Lancashire, England upholsterer
Abbot, E. C. & Co. (1898)0 Clerkenwell Green, London, England bamboo furniture manufacturer
Abbot, Elizabeth (1830)Park St, Leamington, Warks., England cabinet maker
Abbot, John (1667)Drayton, Northamptonshire
Abbot, John (1673)Codsbrook, Northamptonshire
Abbot, John (1687)London
Abbot, Joseph (1824)Debenham, Suffolk, England carpenter and cabinet maker
Abbot, Mathew & Richard (1790-1798)Uppingham, Leics., England chair turners